Best Practices for Thanksgiving Email Newsletters with Examples

Best family time, superb food platters, and something interesting on Television – yes, Thanksgiving season is here. As families all over the world get ready to shower their love and appreciation for their loved ones, businesses, as well as brands, are not far behind as well.

For many years, Thanksgiving has been one of the rewarding periods for all kinds of businesses, no matter the shape or the size. Moreover, the eCommerce sales in the US during Thanksgiving are expected to hit an excellent value this year, and we can say that this trend is not going to turn its head soon.

But you should keep in mind that digging into this goldmine is not that easy. There are many suitors for this thanksgiving cake, and businesses that are eyeing the lion’s share should develop efficient strategies for captivating consumers’ imagination. But how to do it? As per maximum marketers, customized and best email campaigns helps in enhancing consumer engagement. We can assume that the pedigree of email marketing campaigns will shape the success stories of businesses this Thanksgiving.

What’s your Thanksgiving Email must include?

A good subject line is an important sector of any email. Try to generate one that is strong enough to motivate the consumer to read your letter. A message of high clarity in your letter of Thanksgiving is something you need. Think of a minor, cute, and compelling message. Make it very precise, convey the actual reason why you are writing to your consumer, express your appreciation. For your regular consumers, you can show your gratitude with an expansive message. Mention your discount or promotion if you have one.

With a vast population rejoicing on a special day, it’s not a marketing opportunity you should pass up. Thanksgiving is an opportunity for businesses to outreach new customers as well as the existing ones. While designing emails for Thanksgiving ensure that it has all the elements of uniqueness, a fun way to connect, a holiday mood, and the most important thing the best time. Here are a few ideas for email campaigns to see the outcomes:

Always thank your Valuable Subscribers:

What can be a better time to thank your subscribers than Thanksgiving Day. Thank you emails are always surprising for your readers, and especially over Thanksgiving, they make a nice touch. Your Thanksgiving message should remain short and sweet so that it remains straight to the point. You should include seasonal colors and positive imagery for making your design best for a holiday. Email design by Anthropologie gives a sweet and personal touch because of the use of handwriting fonts. The minimum pine cone design is also good in making the email holiday perfect.

Thanksgiving Day Ibotta

Excellent example of a thanksgiving email that will pull out all festive stops is the one by Stitch Fix.

Here the message will remain petite and to the point, but all colors and images used in the background are traditional and assist and assist readers in being in the holiday spirit.

Thanksgiving Stitch Fix

Share some of the Handy Hacks:

Make use of your business experiences to assist your subscribers and share some of the relevant tips with them. Your consumers will remember and praise your Thanksgiving email campaigns if they have some relevant information. It will be a great idea to think of ways your business can assist subscribers in finding ways to enjoy Thanksgiving safely.

Try to share some tips, entertainment concepts, and postage data, including gifting suggestions. Please use your email campaigns to display your business as one of the solutions to their issues. It is one of the best ways to strengthen your bond with your consumers.

Uber also carried out an excellent job in the Thanksgiving email:

Always think about some practical ways your business can assist consumers with some of the typical holiday issues. You can include some of the tips which are not related directly to your business. You can include a pumpkin pie recipe in the Thanksgiving email, which is one of the unique ways for any company to share relevant advice with their consumers before the day. 

Thanksgiving Email Uber

Initiate a Giving Back Campaign:

Display the compassionate side of your business this Thanksgiving Day with a benevolent campaign. It does not matter whether a small or big business, giving something in return is one of the best ways to show your appreciation for all things your company has.

Thanksgiving Day Email Flowers

You might be donating some of your profits or supporting local organizations, or making use of your platform for raising awareness of a good reason, there are always some ways you can return. Through this, not only will you help those who are fortunate, but you will also strengthen your public image and build on your CSR.

The crossover Thanksgiving email template is one of the strongest ways to give back. This assists in gaining respect and encourages consumers to spend more and enhance the profit amount that is donated. After all, kindness and returning are what all holidays are about.

Send Emails that get the most out of the Holiday Spirit:

Make use of your thanksgiving email as one of the best chances for sending a special welcome to new subscribers. Make them know that even if you do not know each other for long, you are happy that they have decided to join your list of subscribers. You can send them some customized message from the company head or a good picture of your team members. This is one of the best ways to develop your relationship with your new consumers and offer them more insight into brand personality.

You can also use the holiday for sending a reactivation email to all of your old contacts who were not active for a while. You can remind them that even after drifting apart, you are thankful to them. Since customers expect to get more emails around the holidays, you may reignite the old flame with ones that got away.

Some tips and tricks for Thanksgiving email Templates

  • An email that converts: In order to develop better customer relationships, create your thanksgiving email in such a way that the recipient lands up on the platform and can have more conversation. For example: Mention your brand name connecting on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.
  • Infographics that attract: Innovative graphics are standout features that can attract your customers like offering a 30% or 50% discount.
  • A great thanks along with a sweet message yet creative.


GIFS, beautiful web fonts, graphics, and attractive color schemes are some of the best ways for spicing up Thanksgiving email campaigns. Offer your readers and subscribers a pause before Black Friday sales emails initiate and try out the above ideas and email templates.

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