Do Not Sell My Data

We Never Sell Your Personally Identifiable Information Without Your Permission!

Prospect Wallet does “sell” personal information, but only with specific consent, under the CCPA’s broad definition of “sell,” which encompasses even the ordinary flow of data in the digital analytics and advertising ecosystem. Prospect Wallet, like most businesses that run websites and applications, employs online analytics to track how people interact with them. As a result of these data, we can better understand how we advertise online. Prospect Wallet employs third parties to collect device identifiers and post tags, cookies, beacons, and other tracking technologies on our digital domains as well as third party websites in order to provide these analytics and facilitate online advertising.

For example, when a consumer has visited Prospect, we may request that a third party assist the placement of Prospect Wallet adverts on a specific website. Prospect Wallet’s third party service providers accomplish this by setting a cookie on a user’s browser that allows them to track if the same browser has visited other websites. Similarly, where third parties sell advertising space on digital domains, these third-parties may use identifiers like cookies for websites or the device’s mobile Ad ID for apps to allow advertisers to bid in real time.

Prospect Wallet uses and analyses data from sources such as device and network diagnostic information and broadband information as part of its tailored marketing program. This information aids Prospect Wallet in learning more about user preferences. Prospect Wallet develops “audience segments” based on this data, which can be utilized by Prospect Wallet or sold to other parties to make adverts more relevant to you. Prospect Wallet does not sell information that directly identifies customers, such as name, address, or email, when it buys audience segments.

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