Ensuring GDPR Compliance At All Touch Points

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new updated version of the 1995 [95/46/EC] data protection directive legislation. It was enhanced to provide data subjects with more precise rights and security. On May 23, 2018, the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union (EU), and the European Commission as a whole worked together to create the new GDPR.

The major goal of creating a new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is to focus more attention on the protection of the subject’s database and rights both within and outside the EU. This law primarily applies to all EU and non-EU entities who collaborate on the management of EU people’s personal data, regardless of their geographical location.

What are the most important requirements of the GDPR?

The following are the essential GDPR requirements:

Lawful and transparent processing: Companies that process personal data would be required to do it in a fair and transparent manner.

Rights of the data subjects: Citizens can also inquire as to what data the corporation has on them and what it does with it.

Storage and data limitations: The Company is only allowed to gather the information that is required by the law. As a result, after a lawful purpose has been achieved, the data should be erased at all costs.

Breach of personal data: The Company can keep a breach register based on the severity of the breach, and the person must be notified within three days of the breach.

Prospect Wallet’s Commitment To GDPR

In the B2B marketing field, Prospect Wallet is a well-known company. We are committed to adhering to GDPR’s rules and regulations. Unlike earlier legislation, GDPR clearly mentions data security and focuses on preserving the information of the subject. It encompasses all safeguard provisions and B2B opportunities under the cover of “GDPR Compliance.”

As a result, data processors and controllers working with online data must always adhere to GDPR compliance rules. Our legal team makes every effort to adhere to the rules at all times. Furthermore, our team has taken the following actions to verify that the data we provide complies with GDPR:

  • We collect prospect contact information from reliable sources such as market reports, conferences, seminars, web pages, business listings, and so on.
  • We do not collect or share personal data about EU citizens, such as health and genetic information, biometric information, national or gender information, political opinions, and so on.
  • Before delivering, we double-check and authenticate all data via email and phone verification.
  • We regularly update, cleanse, and certify our database, and all information is maintained with appropriate security.
  • We created our policies with the goal of prioritizing data privacy.
  • All data is safeguarded with proper security.
  • We ensure that our database only contains data that has been granted permission.

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