Top 10 B2B Database Providers

The concept of reaching out to new prospects via business email lists may appear too good to be true, and it is sometimes difficult to do it without a comprehensive database. Make sure your database is clean and up-to-date before sending cold emails to business-to-business prospects. It’s also crucial to use data from a licensed data source who can supply a list of cold B2B contacts who have been professionally validated to fit your company’s needs.

Data providers have extensive industry knowledge and can assist you in focusing on the most profitable options. They can frequently offer a guarantee of contact record accuracy and deliverability.  Hence, the only way to effectively maximize the ROI of a purchased list is to choose the best b2b database providers.

What is a B2B Data Provider?

A b2b data provider is an agency or a solution that can deliver datasets in a variety of formats, allowing you to fill your CRM, marketing automation, and sales development tools with new data on a regular basis. These data providers have end-to-end solutions in place that ensure functionality and enable entire sales teams to find, engage with, and sell products or services to eligible buyers.

B2B data can help you enhance your sales and lead pipeline by leveraging technographic information to build a segmented list of lead data. Prospecting for new buyers and acquiring B2B data are important tasks for firms. The process of defining a target audience in order to create high-quality leads results in content that is compelling. For smarter and better marketing, B2B data is essential.

In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 B2B data suppliers in the United States so you may buy the best email list for prospecting:

1. Prospect Wallet

Prospect Wallet is a leading B2B data provider that specializes in supplying high-quality databases at competitive prices. They provide best-in-class b2b data services to connect enterprises across all verticals with their targeted clients. They are a prominent b2b data provider in the world, with business executives from a variety of industries put their trust in them. They are also committed to supplying you with high-quality data that is GDPR and CAN-SPAM compliant. Regardless of industry, you can use their b2b data services to improve business success in sales, marketing, hiring, and other areas.

2. ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo is a market intelligence company specializing in sales intelligence, marketing intelligence, contact data, lead creation, enhanced prospecting, business connections, and Account-Based Marketing. They develop business profiles for persons and firms, collect business data, and combine several mentions of the same organization. They are key tools for identifying organizational hierarchies and empowering business-to-business sales and marketing. Many organizations have rated ZoomInfo as a top location to work for B2B solutions.

3. Dun and Bradstreet

For nearly 200 years, Dun & Bradstreet has provided high-quality B2B data to help businesses develop and succeed. It is a major global source of mission-critical data and insights to assist businesses in their growth and development. They will help you accelerate sales, manage risk, cut costs, and transform your organization with their market-leading technologies, data, and insights. They offer B2B leads data, firmographic data, company data, company credit rating data, b2b contact data, and b2b intent data.

4. Discoverorg

DiscoverOrg has been influencing the way B2B enterprises sell and market their services for over a decade. They have greatly increased the features and functionalities of their b2b data platform throughout the years. They provide sales and marketing professionals with more data, greater insights, and a variety of tools and solutions to help them power their go-to-market strategy. DiscoverOrg is used by the majority of high-growth firms to uncover business opportunities, interact with decision-makers, and go to market with confidence.

5. Experian

Experian harnesses the power of data to provide consumers and businesses with new opportunities. They provide comprehensive data management solutions to help you increase your email marketing performance while also safeguarding your sender reputation. They can help you reach your target market via email, mail, and phone with turn-key marketing solutions. They assist organizations in identifying targeted sales leads and obtaining complete profiles of niche audiences using unrivaled data, skilled data analysts, and cutting-edge technology.

6. Data Axle

The Business Database from Data Axle is widely regarded as the best-in-class, most extensive, and most accurate data source for business applications. You may filter your search for business and consumer leads by industry, area, income, ZIP Code, age, and more using its simple platform. Data Axle has built a sophisticated data sourcing, compilation, and aggregation methodology based on a detailed knowledge of primary sources and decades of expertise as an original compiler of both commercial and consumer information.

7. Salesify

Salesify is the world’s leading demand generation company. They provide a B2B email database that is custom-built, as well as lead generating, CRM cleansing, and appending services. They provide vital B2B consumer intelligence services to data-driven marketers. They’ve assisted a number of customers in locating their target audience and achieving their company objectives. They collect vital information in order to improve the customer service experience. Aqua Security, Adaptive Insights, Bloomberg, and Datawatch are just a few of their major clients.

8. Leadspace

Leadspace assists businesses in implementing demand-generation technology and processes. Data management, inbound and outbound lead generation, and account-based marketing intelligence are all services they offer. With its leading B2B customer data platform, it focuses on effective sales and marketing methods. The program supports in the acquisition of ideal clients by adopting a precise and targeted interaction technique.

9. LeadSift

LeadSift is a major b2b data provider that offers comprehensive intent data. They provide a daily summary of pertinent leads derived from publicly available information. It runs a sales intelligence platform that generates leads from public websites. They provide both prospects and intent data, allowing you to track those who show interest in competitors. This tool incorporates data mining, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to reveal personal-level insights (AI). They also identify the appropriate customers with actionable intent and ensure that email nurturing is prioritized and customized.

10. EasyLeads

EasyLeadz creates extremely accurate and tailored B2B contact databases for your sales and marketing lead creation efforts. They use company data to assist you in increasing sales. They aid in prospect identification, outreach to decision-makers, and sales signal tracking. They also enable you to enhance and validate business profiles and interact with leads and other potential prospects.

Bottom Line

Purchasing a contact list entails some risks and unknown factors, but if done correctly and strategically, it can pay off by increasing the quality and quantity of your B2B leads list. As a result, selecting a b2b data provider who can help you reduce your lead generating efforts is critical for achieving effective business outcomes. Instead of being bogged in the first stage of customer acquisition, choose for advanced business directories that may help you focus your efforts on improving lead conversion and increasing sales.