Boost Your Email Marketing With Opt-In Email

Opt-In Email Marketing, The Key To Your Success

What is Opt-In Email Marketing? Its Benefits

Know The Importance of Opt-In For Your Email Marketing Strategy


About 4 billion people use emails daily, and email marketing is a valuable strategy for today’s market. By the end of 2023, email marketing revenue is anticipated to be close to 11 billion.

In most countries, sending newsletters to people without their consent is illegal.

Hence, relying on some strategies, such as opt-in, helps a business to better connect with its audience. It is a business strategy that uses email to improve contact with a target market, including existing and prospective consumers.


What is Opt-In?

The term “Opt-In” means that a customer allows you to send them marketing messages. Ask your prospect for prior authorization to send them marketing emails. You will then establish an atmosphere of trust, enabling you to improve your company’s credibility. This way, you can get a good start with your potential new client. The opt-in therefore has a powerful effect on the reputation of your company.

The opt-in is said to be “active” when a user is aware of giving his authorization to receive your emails. Simply put, the active opt-in consists of a manually checked box or a button to click, specifying that the user agrees to receive advertising messages.

Passive opt-in is the opposite. It consists of a “pre-ticked” checkbox, which is most often hidden.


Reasons To Use Opt-In

  • Better engagement rate: Since your subscribers have chosen to receive email campaigns from you, you can expect good open rates and very few spam reports.
  • A better reputation for your domain and/or your IP: Which is great news for your email deliverability. The opt-in email will logically have a good opening and click-through rate. It will send a signal to messaging services such as anti-filters and anti-spam.
  • Your brand image is not spoiled: You are not identified as a brand with aggressive commercial techniques.
  • A minimized bounce rate: The opt-in ensures that the email is valid and that you have obtained the correct consent.


Companies can use many methods to encourage subscribers to opt-in to receive marketing messages from them. Here are some of the most popular options:


Protected Content

Protected content can be an excellent way to encourage more readers to subscribe to your newsletter and sign up if you provide them with informative, high-value content. Place some of your best content behind a barrier and provide just enough freely accessible content to engage your readers and encourage them to want to read more.

You can increase subscriptions and signups because readers give their information and permission to contact them in exchange for reading your best content.


“Offer something enticing in exchange for providing their email address and possibly other valuable data,” – Melissa.



Many companies offer freebies in exchange for subscriptions and signups to their email newsletter. For example, you may receive a free e-book, PDF download, template, or guide sent to your email address as a welcome gift if you opt-in to receive marketing emails.

It’s basically about offering something of value that subscribers will be happy enough to receive for giving their contact details and also permission to contact them in the future.

To use this method effectively, it is, therefore, essential that you have a great understanding of your target. Also, you need to be aware of what makes them opt in, their difficulties, the type of solutions they need to solve their problems, and the type of incentives that will attract them.



Many online stores use discounts to entice people to subscribe to their email newsletter. You can, therefore, attract your website visitors or customers to go the extra mile and sign up for your email marketing campaigns by promising them a discount on their next purchase.

It’s a win-win situation because not only is your customer saving money, but as a business, you will not only get a new signup for your email marketing campaigns. You will also have the chance of a future purchase because the customer is eager to use their discount code.


Types Of Opt-In Email Marketing

There are two main types of opt-in email marketing: single opt-in and double opt-in.


Single Opt-In

We speak of single opt-in when the customer allows being contacted later by email through a registration form. This can happen when a customer creates an account to purchase or provides his email address and name in a registration form.

However, as businesses integrate an opt-in option into the payment process, forcing customers to register to make the transaction, customers have to forcibly agree to the opt-in, which could be better for the business.


Double Opt-In

It is a process of sending a follow-up email after the first opt-in to allow the subscriber to confirm that they wish to continue receiving information by email. Although not all subscribers confirm, this is the surest way for companies to know that they will only send email marketing messages to subscribers who have opted in to receive them.


Benefits of Opt-In Email Marketing

Opt-in is essential and part of a successful inbound marketing strategy. Moreover, mailing has never been as successful as it is today, thanks to the opt-in email marketing strategy.

With this, you create a relationship of trust between your brand and your prospect from the start, intending to engage them, convert them, and then build their loyalty.

As part of an email marketing campaign, opt-in will allow you to:

  • Establish your credibility and enhance your reputation;
  • Establish a climate of trust;
  • Master your customer relationship;
  • Prohibit the registration of fraudulent email addresses;
  • Show Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that you are a trustworthy company;
  • Improve the deliverability of your content sent by email;
  • Increase the open rate;
  • Increase the engagement of your prospects.


“While other marketing campaigns need to begin with considering how the business will get the attention of its prospects, a robust opt-in email list means that step is already covered.”- John Greving, head of content and SEO at IWD Agency.



Always ensure you get someone’s consent before emailing them, and employ double opt-in email marketing for even more security. This will guarantee that your contacts receive the information they wish to receive and reduce the likelihood that your company will be flagged as a spammer.


The success of your Email marketing campaign, however, continues beyond here. Additionally, you need to take the subscriber’s permission, set expectations, let them control their choices, make it simple for them to Opt-out, and most importantly, create value upfront and consistently.