Top 5 Technographic data providers 2022

We are living in a time when digitization is accelerating. 70% of businesses have already implemented a strategy for digitizing their business processes, presenting a significant opportunity for technology products and service providers.

In 2020, the global information technology sector was worth $5.2 trillion. The demand for technology and technology-based solutions continues to rise. Furthermore, it is governments and corporations that are driving the growth of the tech market, rather than individual consumers, by purchasing software, hardware, software, and AI products on a large scale and in bulk.

“The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t really even notice it, so it’s part of everyday life.” – Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft.

Suppose technology product or service providers can identify the challenges that businesses face as they embark on their journey of digital transformation. In that case, they will not only be able to reach out to those buyers with targeted marketing, but they will also be able to increase their own sales by meeting the right buyers.

That is why knowledge and proper application of technographical data are critical. Here is how B2B companies can use this information to boost their sales efforts. But first, let us go over some fundamentals of technographics.

What is Technographic Data?

Technographics is a new strategy for market research that provides businesses with a comprehensive understanding of the technologies that their prospects use. This technographic data could help agencies in finding and converting new clients. Agencies can begin to connect with prospective clients when they are looking for help by understanding how they use technology in their own businesses.

The following information about prospects can be obtained using technographic data:

  • When did the technologies become a part of their organization?
  • How do they use technology in their organization?
  • Prospect’s hardware and software, also known as their marketing stack.

Today, some of the world’s leading technology companies use technographic data and the insights it provides to gather more information on their target’s technology adoption behaviours. You can use this information to:

  • Improve your sales models and forecasts.
  • Target with accuracy.
  • Outgrow and out-market your rivals.
  • Engage in more informed and pertinent conversations.

Why Are Technographics Necessary for B2B Businesses?

B2B marketers can improve their targeting practises, marketing messages, outreach, and campaigns with the help of technographic data to improve lead generation and prospecting. Technographics benefit B2B companies in the following ways:

  • Determine how much money a company is willing to invest in technology.
  • Increase your cold calling efforts.
  • Determine who requires specific tech products or solutions.
  • Determine when the prospect may need a new technological solution.
  • Prioritize the sales team’s efforts based on prospects’ predisposition to purchase a specific technology product.
  • Optimize marketing messaging based on target customers’ technology-buying habits.
  • Discover new opportunities by focusing on the customers of your competitors.
  • Buyers who have already invested in third-party technologies can be upsold.

According to Salesforce, 43 percent of B2B marketers surveyed spent more than a week in any given month simply gathering and analyzing data, which only 31 percent believe is 100 percent accurate! Yes, narrowing down your target demographics can be taxing on sales and marketing teams, robbing them of time that could otherwise be spent developing appealing campaigns. So, what are you going to do? Consult with a reputable and knowledgeable technology data partner.

How do you determine who the best provider of technographic data is?

When hiring a data provider, look into a few things about their data compilation procedure to ensure that the data they provide is genuine and legal.

Data Validation

When you purchase an e-mail database, data service providers call and verify with respective companies in humans to recheck the data in real-time.

Data Compilation Process

The data compilation process includes the collection of customer data. Check to see if the data was gathered from reliable sources. To enrich database, technographic data providers typically collect information from websites, conferences, feedback forms, webinars, or newsletters.

Data Updating Frequency

Generally, data providers update or clean their e-mail list or information database every 90 days based on business trends. However, some companies like Prospect Wallet update their data every 45 days. They ensure that it is up to date and does not contain any inactive information.

Other information collected by technographic data providers includes company name, name of the person, LinkedIn profile, revenue generated by the company, e-mail address, contact number, and so on, to ensure you can track your targeted audience through multi-channel marketing.

Best 5 Technographic Data Providers

Here are the top 5 technographic data providers:

Prospect Wallet

Prospect Wallet is a multi-base data provider that offers other data management services in addition to the data required by businesses. With over 28 million B2B contacts, the company creates actionable B2B technographic data based on the unique targeting goals of their clients. They have a 75% customer retention rate and a 96% e-mail deliverability rate. Prospect Wallet provides services such as B2B data appending, data cleansing, and e-mail appending.


Everstring’s data offering includes over 100 million organizations. Everstring collects firm intent signals, such as when they are researching technological products and solutions. This enables B2B markets to target accounts precisely when demand and intent are at their peak.


ZoomInfo has an accuracy score of 90 out of 100 for B2B contact data and information. The profile of Zoominfo includes detailed information about the prospects, such as their certifications, work experience, web mentions, job responsibilities, and social media links, among other things. The information includes dial phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and designations, among other things. Zoominfo has merged with DiscoverOrg, and it now serves above fifteen thousand customers. The company has 120,000 users worldwide.

HG Insights

HG Insights is one of the world’s leading providers of technology intelligence. On a daily basis, the company processes huge amounts of unstructured data documents to provide technographic installation information, contract intelligence, and IT spending. Based on these unique analytics, B2B marketers can customize their targeting strategies.

HG Insights is a group of advanced data scientists who specialize in providing B2B technology companies with a better way to analyze markets and target key prospects. In addition to assisting companies in perfecting their go-to-market strategies, HG Insights educates its clients through Master Classes on data-driven TAM. A personalized demo allows you to try out their technology intelligence platform’s services for free.


Slintel is the market leader in comprehending technographics-generated buying intent. It assists businesses in identifying the 3 percent of active buyers in the target market. Furthermore, it also provides solutions for modern software commerce. To determine market and sales intelligence, Slintel analyses over 100 million data points.

Customers of Slintel have access to the contact information and purchasing patterns of over seventeen million companies and seventy million decision-makers worldwide.

Final Words

It is time to accelerate your growth now that you understand how technographic data can help you increase your company’s efficiency and profit. While there are many other providers available, we believe that these five provide the best balance of features, pricing, and customer service. There will be a plethora of data providers who will promise you the best data with up-to-date information. But, checking them and obtaining genuine data will ensure that your marketing strategies work to their full potential. We hope you find this list useful as you look for a technographic data provider to meet your specific business needs.